Green Party candidate apologises again for misogynistic experiment

By Rhodri Morgan
December 8 2019, 22.45

The Cities of London and Westminster’s Green Party candidate has repeated his apology for taking part in an experiment in which he tried to increase the size of a woman’s breasts through the power of the unconscious.

Zack Polanski, 37, took a reporter through a session to enhance her figure without the use of cosmetic surgery at his Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic.

According to the article, throughout the session Mr Polanski repeatedly asked: “Would the unconscious be willing to support this?”

After the session, the female reporter told Mr Polanski that her breasts had in fact grown for four days after the session but then slowly returned to their normal size.

“I think it’s important to say that I’ve apologised. If it was 2019, I would not have done that article and if I had, I would have been stronger to condemn it,” Mr Polanski said.

“We had a very explicit agreement that said it was not a service I charged for and I don’t think the article reflected that.”

The 2013 experiment was featured in a national newspaper and Mr Polanski’s failure to disclose the article prior to running for the Greens may have ruffled some feathers.

“The apology is to recognise that issues of misogyny and women’s body confidence exist in society and articles like that in The Sun are not helpful,” Mr Polanski added.

He has seen widespread media coverage from campaigning for equal wages for restaurant staff to marching in Extinction Rebellion protests, all under the Green Party banner and against the current state of affairs.

Deltapoll’s most recent figures indicate the seat to be a close race between ‘Onenation Tory’ Nickie Aiken, former Streatham Labour MP turned Liberal Democrat, Chuka Ummana and Labour’s Gordon Nardell.

Despite only being predicted to secure around 2% of the vote share, Mr Polanski believes the Green agenda has been transformative and the branding of ‘The Climate Election’ would seem to agree.

And, while we won’t see an ever-Green Parliament this year, his views on Tory rule are clear.

“The worst case scenario is the Conservative party’s Nickie Aiken,” Mr Polanski said.

“I don’t buy her being a ‘Liberal Conservative’, her record as a Tory MP shows that more Tory MPs is not what we need right now.”

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