General Election 2015: Labour candidate Steve Reed holds Croydon North seat

Labour candidate Steve Reed has been re-elected as Croydon North MP after securing 33,513 votes.

Mr Reed said: “I’m going to celebrate by going to sleep, it’s not very wild, I know!”

He added: “I want to thank the people of Croydon North. This wonderful, warm, welcoming, diverse place that I’m so proud to represent these past two and a half years and to who I’m so grateful tonight for re-electing me to do what I consider the best job in the world.

“I’m humbled by the confidence so many people have placed in me, and I commit myself body and soul to do my absolute best to live up to that trust.”

“The past five years have been dreadful for people in this community. Many of our community simply cannot survive another five years of the same.”

“I believe that what matters is not where you come from, but where you’re going to. Whatever their background, they deserve the best chance to do well for themselves.”

Conservative candidate, Vidhi Mohan secured a total of 12,148 votes and was followed by the UKIP candidate, Winston McKenzie, who won 2,899 votes. The total turnout was 53,710, 62,5%.

Shasha Khan (Green) received 2,515 votes, Joanna Corbin (Liberal Democrats) came in next with 1,919 votes and Glen Hart (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) finished with 261.

Independent candidate Lee Berks gained 141 and Ben Stevenson (Communist Party of Britain) 125 votes.

Mr Reed previously won the by-election in 2012 with a 64.7%, a total of 15,892 votes.


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