General Election 2015: Croydon North MP Steve Reed claims people will suffer with further government cuts

Steve Reed, the newly re-elected Croydon North Labour MP, said that the community simply cannot survive another five dreadful years.

With a turnout of 62.5% Mr Reed won a total majority of 21,364, followed by the Conservative candidate, Vidhi Mohan, who secured 12,149 votes and Winston McKenzie, UKIP, who came third with 2,899 votes.

Green candidate Shasha Khan gained 2,515 seats and Liberal Democrat Joanna Corbin followed with 1,919.

In his winning speech Mr Reed said: “Tonight Croydon North has voted for a change of government.”

In his campaigns Mr Reed said he will focus on policies including saving Croydon’s NHS, stopping police cuts, creating more jobs and cleaner streets.

Mr Reed has launched a petition signed by over 5,000 people calling for investment to improve Croydon University Hospital after funding under the Conservative party has cast fears over the future of Croydon’s A&E.

Following the Croydon riots in 2011, Mr Reed is keen to increase the number of police officers to make Croydon safer.

He claims that after the last election in 2010 the Conservative government failed to protect the Croydon community through severe cuts.

Mr Reed emphasised that Croydon was hit harder than other boroughs of London after the riots, despite the promises made by the Conservative government.

Labour council says a £5bn regeneration programme will create 23,000 new jobs to tackle high unemployment, helping people get the training and skills they need. 

Mr Reed will be pushing to improve Croydon’s street conditions including tougher laws against fly tippers, reintroduction of weekly bin collections in densely populated areas and free bulky waste disposals.

He added: “To see thousands of people come out and put a cross on a piece of paper against your name in the hope that you can make their life just a little bit better.”

Mr Reed described Croydon North as a wonderful, warm, welcoming, vibrant, diverse place that he has been so proud to represent these past two and a half years.

He thanked the other candidates and everyone that was involved in the electoral process and said that they have all together demonstrated that democracy is strong, alive and well in Croydon North.

Mr Reed said he was humbled by the confidence so many people have placed in him.

He says: “I commit myself body and soul to do my absolute best to live onto that trust.”

He added: “I believe that what matters is not where you come from, but where you’re going to. Whatever their background, they deserve the best chance to do well for themselves.”

Mr Reed won a by-election in 2012 with 15,892 votes (64.7%), taking over from the previous Labour candidate Malcolm Wicks.

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