General Election 2015: Conservative Paul Scully takes Sutton and Cheam seat from Liberal Democrats

The Conservative’s Paul Scully sprung a surprise winning candidacy as MP for Sutton and Cheam in another defeat for the Liberal Democrats.

The seat which had a turnout of 49,967 (72.2%) saw Mr Scully win with 20,732 (41.45%), with the former MP Paul Burstow from the Liberal Democrats 7.84% behind with  16,811 (33.61%).

Mr Scully said: “I’d really like to thank my team of hundreds and hundreds of people who have helped me run a really positive campaign on issues that really matter to local people.

“It was a DWP civil servant that talked about Sutton being an average place with average people. But I tell you what tonight average people have spoken, average people here in Sutton and Cheam want St Hellier hospital not only saved and protected but given the breathing space to have the finance that it needs to bring back the morale to the staff that works there.

“They work fantastically long hours in a very difficult job and they also want an ambitious vision for Sutton an Cheam, but in the UK they want strong leadership as well, they want a country that lives within its means. They also want a strong Prime minister in David Cameron who can carry on the job that he started in securing Britain’s economic recovery.

“I pledge to be a hard working local MP. I pay tribute to all of the candidates in this campaign but especially to Paul Burstow who has given 18 years to this constituency. I know we don’t agree on many issues but I also know that his heart is in the right place.”

Emily Brothers (Labour) came in next with  5546 (11.08%), marginally ahead of the UKIP candidate Angus Dalgleish who came in with 5341 (10.68%).

Green Party candidate Maeve Tomlinson finished with 1051 (2.10%), Dave Ash (National Health Action Party) received 345 votes (0.69%) and Pauline Gorman (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) was last in with 79 (0.16%).

Mr Scully won with a majority of 20,732 votes.



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