General Election 2015: Conservative Gavin Barwell retains Croydon Central seat with just 0.3% majority

Conservative candidate Gavin Barwell has been re-elected as MP for Croydon Central, winning by south west London’s smallest majority of 165.

After a bundle recount Mr Barwell won 22,753 votes, just 165 more than Labour’s Sarah Jones with 22,588.

UKIP’s Peter Staveley won 4,810 ahead of Esther Sutton of the Green Party with 1,454 and James Fearnley of the Liberal Democrat on 1,152.

April Ashley of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition received 127 votes and the UK Progressive Democracy Party won 57.

Croydon Central

Gavin Barwell 22,753 (Conservative), Sarah Jones 22,588 (Labour), Peter Staveley 4,810 (UKIP), Esther Sutton 1,454 (Green), James Fearnley 1,152 (Liberal Democrat), April Ashley 127 (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Martin Camden 57 (The UK Progressive Democracy Party)

Conservative hold, majority 165

Turnout: 53,043


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