General Election 2015: Conservative Chris Philip wins Croydon South seat with 29.7% majority

Chris Philip will serve his first term as MP for Croydon South in a conservative hold after winning 31,448 votes. 

The majority  was 17,140 (29.7%)  in a total turnout of 70.54% and the result was a 1% increase from 2010.

Labour candidate Emily Benn received 14,308 votes, followed by Kathleen Garner (UKIP) received 6,068 and Gill Hickson (Liberal Democrats) with 3,448. 

The Green Party’s Peter Underwood received 2,154, followed by Mark Samuel (Putting Croydon First!) with 22 votes and Jonathan Bigger (Class War) with 65. 

Mr Philp will be taking over the seat from Richard Ottaway who has been the constituency’s MP since 1992.

Mr Philip said: “It’s a huge honour to have been elected to represent our neighbourhood here in south London.

“I will do my best to work hard as an active, energetic local MP in the interests of all the constituents – whether they voted for me or not – and in the interests of people across the borough.”

He added: “We’re a diverse borough and I would like to see every single citizen of this borough from all backgrounds to have every opportunity to have a fair chance in life.

“I would like to work with councilors of all parties, the Mayor of London, the government of whatever colour, to try and make that happen.”


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