Itsu boss hoping to have ‘positive impact’ on Wimbledon with new store

The chief of a new restaurant opening in Wimbledon tomorrow believes the recent influx of new businesses is because the area is ‘upbeat’ and ‘vibrant.’
Tom Hampson, the marketing director of Asian restaurant Itsu, spoke today when the new store served up free lunches for 1,200 workers in Wimbledon.
He said: “We’ve been waiting 15 years to come to Wimbledon, it’s quite a special moment for us.
“We’re hoping to have a really positive impact, Wimbledon is feeling particularly vibrant at the moment.”
“Wherever we are we try to have a positive, active role in the local community.”
The store officially opens tomorrow at a time when many new businesses are opening their doors in Wimbledon.
Joe and the Juice, a Danish smoothie bar, opened on Wimbledon Bridge in October, and Wilko is set to open next door to Itsu in December.
The new Itsu store brings 25 new jobs to Wimbledon, and Mr Hampson revealed that it had been much-requested by the people who live and work there.
He said: “Wimbledon is one of the places where we get the most people contacting us, asking ‘when are you coming to town?’”
The popularity of the store is clear to see, as people queued by the dozen to try either fish or vegetable sushi.
Mr Hampden put the popularity of Itsu down to what it has on the menu.
He said:  “We’re delivering the kind of healthy food that people want.
“Healthy food is easy to cook, but it’s not easy to make it taste good.”

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