Hendrick’s gin masterclasses at Vauxhall’s White Bear Pub teach the art of perfect mixing

By William Dodds
September 30 2019, 14.45

Londoners learned the art of the perfect gin and tonic during a masterclass at The White Bear pub in Vauxhall on Thursday.

Cucumbologist and host Dr Stephanie Chambers of Hendrick’s Gin gave a talk on the history of gin before explaining the role of cucumber as a garnish.

Pub-goers were then allowed to try their hand at creating the cocktail themselves.

White Bear assistant manager Adrian Palce said: “Once in a while we host wine and gin events and we try to do as many as possible to bring people into the gin tasting experience.

“We have loads of regulars who love gin and our sales are really really good.”

According to the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, a record 73 million bottles of gin were bought in 2018.

Another growing trend is flavoured gin, with IWSR figures showing sales were up 78.3% last year.

But Dr Chambers said Hendrick’s original recipe remained at the forefront of the gin market.

She said: “Hendrick’s created the market that all other wonderful gins are stepping into at the moment.

“Hendrick’s behave unusually because of that and that dates back to 1989, using stills from the 1800s. We are delighted the world is enjoying gin as it is and it is set to overtake vodka as the most popular clear spirit in the next year or so.

“Hendrick’s has stayed true to its roots while innovating and experimenting.”

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