Tooting MP Sadiq Khan pledges to make London mayoral race ‘referendum on housing crisis’

Sadiq Khan addressed Labour Conference today attacking Tory housing policy and offering front-runner Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith an opportunity to work together to tackle London’s housing crisis.

Speaking to the party faithful in Brighton today the Tooting MP said that most Londoners had ‘no chance’ of fulfilling a dream of homeownership in the capital.

He said: “There is one thing above all other that I am determined to do for our city and that’s make it more affordable to buy or rent a home of your own.

“That is why I’m going to make the election  in May a referendum on London’s housing crisis.

“Londoners are spending more and more of their wages on rent. Thousands of Londoners are forced out of our city because they can’t afford to put a roof over their heads.”

Mr Khan called on his Conservative opponent, most likely to be Zac Goldsmith, to oppose the housing bill which is planned to be introduced to parliament next month.

He said: “I make and offer today to my Tory opponent let’s work together and stop the government making the housing crisis in London even worse –let’s work together to defend the capital’s housing.

“Show you will put Londoners’ interest before your party interest.

Looking ahead to the May elections, he said: “Winning next May matters to the whole country.

“We’ll show that under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership we’ve dusted ourselves down and we’re up for the fight.

“I’m up for that fight but let’s be clear – it will be tough. Labour has only won City Hall once.

“We have to win the votes of all Londoners from disaffected Lib Dems, disgruntled Greens and yes, dissatisfied Tories.”

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