Five alternative things to do in London

Whether it’s your first trip to London or you visit all the time, you will always see the tourists queuing for the same attractions. The London Eye, the Tower of London, and Madame Tussauds will always be teeming with people and Londoners who just want to get home from work but can’t resist an eye roll and a tut.

If you want to experience the city in a calmer manner, here are five things to get you started:

Hang out with the animals at Hackney City Farm 

You’ve probably come from the country to view the urban landscape and to enjoy the bustling city; however, in the middle of Hackney, you’ll find Hackney City Farm, a working farm in which you will find some of the fluffiest goats and, also, home-made chutneys. If you fancy a break from the pace of the city, Hackney City Farm is the perfect location.

Enjoy afternoon tea with a cat 

If baby goats and sheep aren’t enough for you, a stone’s throw away from Hackney City farm is the London Cat Village. Seventeen cats live at London Cat Village, which prides itself on being an alternative to a traditional cat cafe.  You’ll be able to sink into the comfy couches with a cat on your lap and enjoy some afternoon tea. There are a lot of options when it comes to afternoon tea in London – however, very few offer the chance to snuggle with a cat at the same time.

Take a Mind, Body, Spirit Workshop

Coming to the city can be stressful, and sometimes it can be useful to find a way to reconnect with yourself. Mind, Body, Spirit run regular workshops in London and the annual Wellbeing Festival plays host to many different people in the industry. It is also the home of spirituality and psychic readings, offering workshops in different areas, along with performances from leaders in the industry. It doesn’t have to be a one-off experience though; when you leave London, you can always continue your spiritual journey by taking psychic readings over the phone with TheCircle, who can offer clarity on topics like relationships, bereavement, or dreams.

Escape the City

If you feel as though you have exhausted all of the tourist attractions in the centre of town, and you fancy taking a walk around a lake with exquisite views, then it’s probably time to head a little further out. Located in Surrey, on the commuter belt, Virginia Water is easily accessible from central London via Train. Home to the Wentworth Estate, it has been a tourist attraction since the 18th Century, and the lake has also had a starring role in blockbuster films such as Harry Potter.

Catch a Film With Some Dogs

Whether you live in the city with your four-legged friends, or you’ve brought them for a break with you to see the sights of the capital, you can end a long attraction-filled day with an evening at the cinema. Picturehouse Central (Piccadilly) has launched six weekly dog-friendly screenings so that customers can enjoy an evening out at the cinema without having to leave their pooch at home. Dogs are given treats on arrival, and dogs can snuggle down on a chair and watch the film next to their owner. However, if you are a dog lover but not an owner, you can still head down to the Picturehouse to hang out with a bunch of dogs whilst you watch a film.

Featured image courtesy of Mike Rose via Flickr, with thanks

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