Croydon Heritage Festival offers visitors rare glimse of Whitgift Almshouse

The streets of Croydon are set to take a walk down memory lane as the Croydon Heritage Festival continues throughout the week.

Special events are taking place including a rare look at the Whitgift Almshouses and origami renditions of Croydon’s Roman crocus farms.

Evolution is the theme this year with events taking a look at how Croydon has changed.

The festival celebrates its fifth year with a look back from the Romans to present by the way of the Tudors and Victorians.

A sure highlight is a rare look into Croydon’s 420 year old Almshouses where Archbishop of Canterbury John Whitgift lived.

The houses are normally closed to the public as they act as a care home for the elderly.

If you  missed this event then you can take a rare glimpse into the Almshouses in our video as well as a conversation with The Whitgift Foundation CEO Martin Corney.

The festival offers a rare look at the history of a quickly changing borough – Croydon is one of London’s fastest growing areas and has been branded the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the UK.

The festival runs from June 24 to June 30 with many events sure to be repeated next year with more details to be found on the festival’s website.

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