The man with the golden bicycle: Majestic Wimbledon cyclist up for Merton Community Award

The flamboyant feathered cyclist who delights Wimbledon residents will be recognised with a Merton Community Award nomination this week.

The colourful Wimbledon-born character, referring to himself as James Bond, is delighted to be nominated in the awards that are designed to thank Merton’s unsung heroes.

Mr Bond chooses to adorn himself and his bike with a dazzling combination of feathers, jewels and tassels in a bid to spread cheers as he cycles around the Wimbledon area.

He said: “I feel and see that it is bringing the general public together.

“When I cycle past a bus stop I see people start talking to complete strangers about me as I pass them, and they all have happy smiling faces.”

Bicycle man 1MAJESTICAL: Mr Bond spreads joy wherever he goes

He receives a huge amount of attention from residents on his regular bike rides through Wimbledon Village, one passer-by once took to Twitter to remark: “Who is this magnificent majestic peacock on his bike!!??”

“People also peep and wave with admiration as they drive by,” said Mr Bond.

“I like to live in a happy environment, it makes me happy to see other people happy.”

He is humble as he discusses the nomination insisting that winning isn’t important and that he is just flattered to have been nominated.

Mr Bond has taken his eccentric cycle-ride for the past four years.

His usual circuit is a ten-mile round-trip through Wimbledon Village and down Wimbledon Broadway where he does around five laps taking two hours in total.

A typical week would include three outings although the delicate decorations mean that his excursions are weather dependant.

Mr Bond designed the bikes and his outfit himself.

He said: “I believe my two bikes are the only ones of their kind anywhere in the world, and possibly the largest in the world.

“I use anything that has the most bling effect.”

Bicycle manBLINGED-UP: Mr Bond believes he has the best bikes in town 

Using only ‘fire colours’ Mr Bond seeks out dramatic ostrich feathers and tries to recreate a Baroque style using classical statues, crowns, royal crests gold trophies and ornate candlesticks lamps.

His costumes have hundreds of rhinestones and rows of fringing making them spectacularly colourful but very heavy to wear.

Mr Bond explained he has always had a passion for decorative objects, especially antiques.

He hopes his dazzling hobby will go some way to counteracting the dreariness of everyday life.

“These days we are living in a very plain dull world,” he said.

“It is making Wimbledon a much more interesting and colourful place for people to live in.

While Mr Bond would enjoy the appreciation of winning the award, recognition is not his motivation, he said: “The reward I get is from seeing people happy.

“If I could, I would give them all the award.”

The Merton Community Awards recognise members of the community who go above and beyond the call of duty to make Merton the great place it is, to live, work and learn.

The winners will be announced around September with more information available on Merton council’s website.

Images courtesy of James Bond, with thanks

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