Work from home Londoners fitting in household chores, research reveals

Two thirds (65%) of Londoners who work from home admit they fit in household chores during the working day.

New research from a study of 2,000 people revealed the top ten household tasks people in London do the most when working from home, with laundry (34%), tidying surfaces (31%) vacuuming (27%) making the list.

But with more people being encouraged back to the office, meaning less time at home, chores could be put on hold until after the evening commute.

The research, commissioned by Smart Energy GB, shows that those running their household are still getting stuck into their spring spruce-ups, with a fifth (20%) squeezing in more than 24 hours of household tasks each month.

And many in London have been embracing fun ways to make the mundane or time-consuming tasks more enjoyable. Having a boogie (36%) and delving into a podcast (29%) are just a couple of methods some use, while more than a quarter belt out a favourite tune (27%).

When it comes to the chores that nobody wants to do, cleaning the windows (23%) and clearing out the kitchen cupboards (21%) are amongst the least favourite across London.

Managing a to-do list can be an entire job on its own, so finding ways to reduce it could provide a much-needed benefit for some. For those who say they have a smart meter at home, sending meter readings is one less task they need to worry about.

Getting a smart meter installed is an easy way to reduce household admin and take ‘send meter readings’ off the to-do list. A smart meter offers greater predictability and accuracy when it comes to energy bills, as it sends meter readings to your energy supplier automatically so they have the information to send you accurate bills, rather than estimates.

In the winter, when energy bills are traditionally highest, three in ten (30%) in London consider managing their household energy use the most important task.

And when it comes to spring and summer, gardening (32%), cleaning the windows (28%) and decluttering the home (27%) climb to the top of households’ to-do list. However, 16 per cent still say they will make managing energy use a top priority during the warmer months.

Many people in the capital also plan to continue using energy-saving hacks, with more than a third (36%) saying they will use cooking appliances less by eating more fresh foods like salads, showing the ongoing popularity of energy saving measures at home.

While some plan on putting those handy hacks to the test this spring and summer, those with a smart meter installed can see how much energy they’re using in near-real time via a handy in-home display. And four in five (80%) agree that it gives them greater visibility over their energy usage and helps them to be more energy efficient.

Victoria Bacon, director at Smart Energy GB, said:  “As we go from spring to summer it’s great to see households in London getting motivated for their seasonal spruce-ups. It’s also encouraging to see people are still thinking about how to manage their energy usage, even as we go into spring and summer.

“A smart meter can help make life easier for people, especially for those who want to track their energy use and don’t want the hassle of having to submit manual meter readings.

“With the help of the in-home display and user-friendly apps, households can track how much energy they’re using in near real-time. Smart meters are available at no extra cost from your energy supplier.”

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