‘Chemical incident’ leaves six casualties suffering fume inhalation at Wimbledon Leisure Centre

A ‘chemical incident’ has left six people being treated for minor injuries after suspected fume inhalation at Wimbledon Leisure Centre this morning.

It’s believed a chemical spillage is the cause of the incident which took place inside the building, run by Better Gyms, on Latimer Rd at 11am.

There was an immediate evacuation of the premises, leaving some members milling around on the pavements outside in their bare feet.

Community Police Officer Dave Haywood said: “As far as I know, we were called to attend an incident here a few hours ago on Latimer Road and I’m aware a few members of the public are being treated for injuries.”

Merton police have urged motorists to avoid the surrounding areas of Latimer Road and Bridges Road, which are currently closed.

London Fire Brigade are at the scene conducting an investigation and the centre is expected to remain closed until at least 2pm.

A statement from Better Gyms said: “At approximately 10.15 this morning (April 30, 2016) a member of staff at Wimbledon Leisure Centre accidentally mixed a liquid coagulant with standard pool chemicals in a holding tank.  This combination had the potential to create noxious vapours.

“The mistake was immediately recognised and standard health and safety procedures for such an incident were followed.  This lead to the leisure centre being evacuated as a precaution and the emergency services being called.

“One member of staff was taken to hospital for precautionary checks, there were no other injuries.

“It is hoped that the centre will re-open later today.”


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