On The Pulse: Are you petrol panic buying?


Petrol panic buying has taken over the British public, following fears that fuel tanker drivers will strike.


By Anna Tabrah

Petrol panic buying has taken over the British public, following fears that fuel tanker drivers will strike.

There have been queues up and down the streets outside petrol stations as people fill up their cars.

The Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has come under criticism for encouraging the panic buying, after advising people to stock up on jerry cans of petrol.

The Fire Brigades Union warned that this was dangerous advice and could cause potential fire hazards, yet Maude did not back down.

Strikes have not yet been confirmed and would need a week’s notice if they were to go ahead.

With petrol stations running out of fuel and some even closing under the sudden increase in demand, it begs the question whether people’s panic is justified.

SWLondoner took to the streets to find out whether people were jumping on the petrol panic bandwagon.










Mary Shields, 57

I think it’s silly and I haven’t done it myself, no. I think that it’s a waste of time. The strikes aren’t even definite.

Joshua Tyne, 34

I don’t drive myself but I can see why people do it. I know quite a few people who went out and filled their tanks because they were panic buying and didn’t want to be left without a car. It’s important to be able to get around, but there is always public transport.

Hayleigh Turnbull, 27

Yes I have filled my tank right up and I think it’s fair enough that people are. I rely on my car to get to work and so do loads of people. So it really is a worry.

Pia Burdett, 25

No, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. These strikes aren’t confirmed and it’s so annoying having to queue for ages just to get a bit of petrol. I don’t know why people are going so mad. It reminds me of when the shops shut for one day at Christmas and everyone panic buys food as though they’re never going to get any again. It’s strange that people react so strongly.

Mark Pittar, 42

I know of some petrol stations in my area that actually had to close because people were queuing all across the road. I think that is just dangerous and unnecessary. I’ve been getting petrol as normal and I will be until anything is definite.

Richard Feltham, 56

I did worry a bit when I heard about it so I wanted to fill my tank up but I saw the queues and didn’t think it was worth it. It’s getting a bit out of hand really.

Nigel Smith, 32

I say don’t panic. It takes a week for them to give notice anyway. I think people are going into a blind panic. Nothing’s been announced and even if they were to announce it tomorrow it would take a week. It’s ridiculous with the queues, people are like sheep.

Patrick Kinnear, 31

Unfortunately I was one of the ones who did stock up on petrol. It was one of those situations where you panic buy. Especially at my local garage it was just full of traffic. At first I didn’t think it was worth it but I decided to do it and put enough in to get me through the week.

John Saffrett, 39

I watched Question Time last night and I’ve done my research and my message is that people shouldn’t panic buy. I wasn’t one of the ones to fill up my tank, I’ve just been buying petrol as normal and that would be my advice to anyone else as well.

Tam Conroy, 36

I think people should just use their bicycles anyway! I have a car but I don’t use it. I think the government are just trying to make people panic buy.

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