Putney family to walk 78 miles to help Covid-19 amputee purchase prosthetic leg

A family from Putney are walking 78 miles in 24 hours this weekend to raise money to buy a prosthetic leg for a beloved family member who suffered severe Covid-19 complications.

Tony Kastrati, 54, and his daughter Kaltrina, 29, are aiming to raise £20,000 for their brother and uncle Azem Kastrati by completing the Capital Ring Walk, a circular 78 mile route around London, on 2nd and 3rd October.

Azem, 60, lost his leg as he was hospitalised for nine weeks with Covid-19, requiring 24/7 intensive care and oxygen support.

Tony said: “I never thought he would survive. He is a fighter, an amazing soul and an amazing human being. He gave everything to others, and now we can give something back.”

Azem Kastrati in hospital. Credit: Tony Kastrati

Azem had 69% lung damage and breathing was extremely difficult, and the decision was made by doctors to amputate his leg due to thrombosis.

He now suffers with long Covid and can no longer work like he used to.

Azem is having a consultation at Blatchford Clinic in London for a prosthetic leg, an independent provider of mobility and rehabilitation.

The cost of a prosthetic leg will vary across many factors, including quality of materials and the provider you choose.

It will also differ between each person due to how prosthetics are especially designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Azem missed the graduation of his daughter in America, where she was graduating in cyber security. He had originally planned to be there in person. Credit: Tony Kastrati

Tony has encouraged the public to take part in the Capital Ring Walk, which will start at Wimbledon Park on Saturday.

The walk around London will go through 15 different sections consisting of open spaces and nature reserves.

Tony said: “It’s going to be a beautiful day. We had to do something big because Azem’s journey has not been easy.”

You can donate money for Azem’s prosthetic leg on GoFundMe here.

Click here to see the map for Capital Ring walk.

A rare smile in this difficult situation. Credit: Tony Kastrati

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