London Muslims offered diabetes advice by health charity ahead of Hajj pilgrimage

London’s diabetic Muslims are being offered crucial travel advice from Diabetes UK in preparation for the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Hajj, which will take place from October 1-6, is considered one of the Muslim faith’s greatest acts of worship and is a religious duty for every adult Muslim to do at least once in their lifetime.

Pilgrims may walk up to 12 miles a day as part of the Hajj and since foot problems can be a major complication of diabetes, Diabetes UK is encouraging them to consult their GP before travelling.

They are also advising diabetics to check their feet daily for sore spots, hard skin or breaks in the skin, and to wear comfortable footwear suitable for walking long distances.

Diabetes UK Equality and Diversity Manager, Jenne Patel, said: “The Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience for Muslims, and people with diabetes don’t have to let their condition get in the way.

“With careful planning and talking to your GP, there is no reason you can’t go on Hajj.”

Diabetes UK’s top five travel trips for diabetics:

  • As Saudi Arabia is two hours ahead of the UK, think about how this will affect the time you take your diabetes medication.
  • If you take insulin, the hot climate in Saudi Arabia could affect how your insulin works, so make sure you test more regularly.
  • Make sure you have a letter from your GP if you are travelling with insulin and sharp items such as needles.
  • Take twice the quantity of medical supplies you would usually need, and pack extra snacks in case your plane is delayed.
  • Before travelling, contact your insulin manufacturer to see if your insulin is supplied in Saudi Arabia.

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