Six things to do in south London this summer

Many people don’t realise just how many good things there are to do in the south of London. Although there are some great shopping areas, there is much more to see for those looking for a little something different.

From restaurants to bars, museums to volunteering, whatever type of activity you want to do, there is going to be something you will love. So, after spending the weekend seeking out that Jackpot in your attic, or playing Gala Casino on your device, go out and find some fun.

Horniman Museum

Tea trader Frederick John Horniman was fascinated by natural history, so much so, that he collected specimens from all over the world to put into his museum in Forest Hill. It opened in the late 1800’s and held many fine stuffed animals. The present museum opened in 1901 and has a 130-year old, stuffed walrus as its main attraction.

London Wetland Centre

For those that have a love of birds, you won’t find more specimens than those at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. Over 200 species of bird have been seen including kingfishers, sandpipers, and kites. Along with the birds, you might also be lucky enough to spot some reptiles and even bats.

St Johns Bakery

Ok, so you have to get up early to enjoy this one, however, for all those night owls that have been out clubbing or playing on their computer all night, you can be in for a treat. If you are near Maltby Street Market, you can enjoy the amazing cakes on offer at St John’s Bakery. They have freshly baked doughnuts that are full of jam, or you can enjoy some just-bakes madeleines.

Crystal Palace Boating Lake

Most of the creatures you will find in this lake are thankfully just made of concrete. There is much to explore in Crystal Palace Park, including the concrete dinosaurs, the maze, and the children’s farm. You can also visit the ruins of the old Crystal Palace exhibition center, where the steps and some of the huge plinths still stand.

The O2

Since the Millennium Dome (as it was originally called), opened, people have had some mixed views on its usefulness. However, since becoming the big music venue, The O2, it has become one of the most popular places for music lovers. There is one other thing though, if you are feeling adventurous, you can book to climb the roof of the O2 from the outside. The 52-meter climb offers some spectacular views of London, especially at night.

Cutty Sark

Probably one of the most well-known ships in United Kingdom, the Cutty Sark has seen many visitors and marathon runners over the years. The nineteenth-century clipper once brought tea to London, after it had become a hugely popular beverage. After a £30 million restoration, there is now more to see than ever of this fine ship. Visitors can now see under the ship and admire its gilded hull.

These are just a few of the many great places you can visit in south London. Why not go and explore some of the amazing places you can find?

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