VIDEO: the Amy Winehouse tribute band celebrating her legacy ten years on

A decade since the iconic singer-songwriter’s passing, the UK’s number one tribute to the late, great Amy Winehouse continues to celebrate her legacy.

My Winehouse, led by Laura Jane Butler, 50, from Purley, sees hits from Amy’s multi-platinum selling albums such as Back to Black, Cupid, Tears Dry on Their Own, Rehab and Valerie return to the stage.

The tribute recreates Amy’s distinctive and heartfelt sound and is the only show worldwide to be endorsed by both Janis and Mitch Winehouse and The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

WATCH: Amy Winehouse tribute act ‘My Winehouse’ star Laura Jane Butler talks about the singer’s legacy

Butler said: “I’ve been doing this for 15 years now, but Amy Winehouse forever, I always use that as a hashtag because she’s not going away.

“If she’d have lived her life and been alive today, it would all be different and yes maybe she’d have a family and children and there would be different press around and she may or may not still be singing, but that’s not how it was meant to be, and I try and tell people who say this is a sad day that it’s not.

“Amy is still doing so much for us through her music and legacy, she’s in us when we talk about her, and in a way I believe that she’s more with us now than she was when she was alive.”

Butler also highlighted the stigmas around age in the industry and the difficulties tributes often face.

She added: “I’m always frightened of saying it, but I was 50 in March, and I worry it’ll put people off coming to see us in case they think, how can a 50-year-old be an Amy Winehouse tribute.

“Well come and watch us and then say that, I’m just her big sister sort of thing, as long as there’s Botox I’m alright!

“I think Janis [Amy’s mum] feels that watching me is like watching what Amy would look like growing older and performing now.

“I feel you’ve got to have lived a bit like Amy to feel her and her songs and truly portray her spirit.”

My Winehouse’s next show, ‘A Tribute to Amy – The Amy Winehouse Celebration’, is on 15 October at Croydon’s Ashcroft Theatre.

LEGACY OF A LIONESS: a new mural of Amy in Camden Town. Credit: JXC Designs.

Featured image credit: My Winehouse

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