Review: Howlin Comedy Club @ New Wimbledon Studio


Monday nights will never be the same again with the launch of New Wimbledon Studio’s Howlin Comedy Club.


By Freddy Mayhew

Monday night comedy is a no-brainer. Mondays are widely, and accurately, believed to be the worst day of the week.

They herald an inescapable five-day stretch where you busy yourself with problems that are not your own, bury your true opinion on the nature of things, and stifle your desire to openly bemoan your current situation.

But don’t despair, because Howlin Comedy Club at the New Wimbledon Studio has just made the world a slightly better place by making one Monday a month the day that you rigorously chuckle away those first-day blues.

Launching on Monday with a line-up of comedy circuit professionals that included Miles Crawford (MC), Phil Butler, John Moloney and Kev Orkian, the Howlin Comedy Club looks set to continue its indefinite run in fine form.

Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Kev Orkian, fresh from a critically acclaimed run in pantomime at the New Wimbledon Theatre, is also the club’s founder.

He said of the club: “Howlin Comedy Club is not just about comedy, it’s about full on entertainment,” a mantra that he openly espoused in rounding of the night with his celebrated ‘the foreigner’ character and a stirring stint at the piano – brilliantly covering Elton John’s I’m Still Standing as though a scratched record.

As a venue, the new Wimbledon Studio is perfectly proportioned to seat a relatively small but wholly engaged crowd. Of course, sitting in the front row is – as ever – an unwise decision for anyone who doesn’t find their continued ridicule a source of unyielding hilarity.

But, with every effort made to bring in performers from the bleeding edge – including the redoubtable Edinburgh Festival Fringe – it’s certainly worth it for a good seat.

After having tittered and belly-ached its way into a very successful opening night, the Howlin Comedy Club will be taking place on the last Monday of each month and is certain to leave you feeling like Mondays might not be quite so dismal after all.

The next Howlin Comedy Club night will be on 30th April at 7.30 at New Wimbledon Studio.

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