Controversial youth culture group Odd Future set to perform in Brixton


Odd Future are performing at the O2 Brixton Academy tonight as part of their six date UK tour.


By Theodore Watt

Youth culture phenomenon Odd Future are performing at the O2 Brixton Academy tonight as part of their eagerly anticipated six date UK tour.

Odd Future, short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA), achieved success after their internet released mix tapes and controversial lyric content sparked interest from the media and public.

This will be the group’s first major UK tour after playing in a collection of venues around the country, including a small gig in Shoreditch last year .

Odd Future have gained a cult following and are infamous for their live shows, never ceasing to disappoint when given a license to cause mayhem.

Punters can expect the anarchy and chaos likened to bands of the punk era, to say it is an experience would be a vast understatement.

Front man ‘Tyler The Creator’ famously broke his ankle whilst stage diving at a concert in Los Angeles and currently nursing a broken wrist along with fellow band mate ‘Left Brain’.

Odd Future fan Dean McCaffrey, 22, will be attending the Brixton show and has followed the success of the band since their early days and been to several live shows.

He said: “They pull out all the stops in a performance. The first time I saw them Tyler climbed to the top of the PA stack and jumped off into the crowd.”

Members of the group are trained stuntmen and look set to produce a unique sound and to give their fans exactly what they pay for: a rapture of entertainment. 

Odd Future play Brixton Academy 29th March, doors open at 7pm.

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