‘Children and elderly are next’: Barrister warns that Croydon’s serial cat killer could turn on humans

Croydon’s machete-wielding cat killer could turn on children, people with mental health problems and the elderly, it’s been claimed.

Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare barrister Christina Warner told SW Londoner that the so-called ‘Cat Ripper of Croydon’ could attack vulnerable humans next.

She warned that the danger would be even greater if the perpetrator was caught while he/she was committing these brutal acts.

Miss Warner said: “What if a member of the public caught them mid-way through the act?

“The person who found them would be in incredible danger.”

PETA is now urging residents to keep their cats indoors after more than 30 animals, including a fox and rabbits, have been found dead – some disembowelled or decapitated – in the last two years.

SW Londoner spoke to heartbroken owner Wayne Bryant, 47, who found his beloved cat Amber decapitated in woodlands behind his home in Jasmine Gardens estate in October.

PETA has offered a £5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator, (LINK) with Dermot O’Leary, Caroline Flack, The Vamps singer James McVey and You Me at Six’s Josh Franceschi have all alerted more than six million Twitter followers to PETA’s offer.

“As more defenceless animals die horrific deaths at the hands of this cruel individual, guardians must take action to protect their companion animals”, said PETA Associate Director Elisa Allen.

“PETA is issuing a red alert to remind Croydon residents that cats are always safest inside, out of the reach of malicious criminals, disease, cars and many other dangers.”

Co-founders of Croydon-based animal sanctuary South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberation (SNARL), Tony Jenkins and Boudicca Rising are advising those who believe their animals have been mutilated  to contact them on 07957 830 490 or mobile 07961 030064.

They are urging people to safeguard the body or parts of any animals found so that they can collect them to be examined by a vet working on the case.

A statement read: “This case was brought to our attention by the community and we are pretty sure that it will be solved as a result of the community’s efforts.”

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