Lambeth’s Garden Museum hosts houseplant festival

The Garden Museum in Lambeth hosted a festival dedicated to all things houseplant last weekend.

The Houseplant Festival 2021 brought together houseplant enthusiasts, influencers, sellers and horticultural historians all under one roof.

Alice Vincent, a horticulture writer, founded the festival in 2019 to celebrate all things potted.

The Festival events included a talk from author Catherine Horwood about the history of housebound flora, horticultural workshops and a plant swap for enthusiasts.

Festival organiser Alice Vincent said: “The festival is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, meet new people and share our enjoyment of indoor gardening.

“Urban lives mean that people are not spending as much time in nature as they need for their wellbeing; by bringing houseplants into our homes and having something to nurture it connects us to nature.”

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