Dog owner charged after his dog killed Richmond Park deer

A dog owner whose dog attacked and fatally injured a deer in Richmond Park earlier this month has been charged.

The dog walker, a 44-year-old from Kingston, will appear in front of Wimbledon Magistrates Court on January 15 2021 after his Irish Setter attacked a deer on 1 October.

This is the fourth attack on a deer by dogs this year, with another attack happening as recently as September 12.

In that instance, the man responsible, a 68-year-old man from Kingston, was also charged and will appear at Wimbledon Magistrates Court on 29 December.

Simon Richards, park manager for Richmond Park said: “We can confirm that yet again a deer in Richmond Park has been attacked by a dog and sadly had to be put down.

“We take the welfare of our deer very seriously. Our message is clear; if you cannot control your dog then always ensure it is on a lead.

“Dog walkers may otherwise face prosecution.”

The Royal Parks website states that “In Bushy Park and Richmond Park you should keep your dogs away from the deer.”

Police also suggest that dog owners keep a 50-metre distance from deer in the park to prevent the situations that have occurred before.

Richards added: “If you witness a dog chasing a deer, immediately call the on-call Police for Richmond and Bushy Parks on 07920 586546.”

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