Mediterranean migrant crisis: Croydon North candidates reveal how they would tackle issue

More than 1,500 migrants tragically drowned off the Mediterranean coast earlier this month, prompting a Europe-wide call to tackle trafficking.

UK parties from across the political spectrum roundly condemned the incident and the perceived lack of EU intervention. 

Professional rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins caused outrage when she compared migrants to ‘cockroaches’ and said she would use gunships to stop them reaching UK soil.

This prompted Kingston women Izzy Saunders, 22, to launch a Remove Katie Hopkins as a Columnist petition.

SW Londoner asked Croydon North candidates how they would attempt to solve the problem.

Labour candidate Steve Reed, referred to his party’s manifesto, which reads: “We will strengthen the borders and social integration to ensure migrants can play their part in British society.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Joanna Corbin branded the current immigration situation as a ‘political football’ and highlighted the benefits that immigration can bring.

She said: “Immigration brings a rich melting pot – innovation, boosts our economy and helps staff our public services like the NHS but we need to tackle the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our systems.

“Immigration is a political football at the moment.”

This reinforces the party’s manifesto message of creating firm controls and visible security by ensuring that people coming to the UK can speak the language and are willing to work rather than claim benefits.

However she also said that there would be a limited time frame for those coming to the UK.

She added: “When it’s time for them to leave, we will make sure they return home.”

Conservative candidate Vidhi Mohan focused his attention on tackling the root cause of people fleeing their countries.

He said: “We should target people smugglers who are exploiting people and we need to try to stabilise the countries these people come from.”

Green Party candidate Shasha Khan said he thought some controls are needed but that in principle the party rejects the idea of a cap.

He said: “I look around Croydon North and the diversity within our community enriches our culture.

“Failed foreign policy decisions have made areas of the world unstable which is the main push factor outside the EU.”

Image courtesy of Guardia Costiera via YouTube, with thanks

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