Extraordinary council meeting to discuss Fairfield Halls Report in the Public Interest

Croydon will hold a special meeting of the council next week to consider its external auditor’s Report in the Public Interest about the council’s arrangements for the refurbishment of Fairfield Halls between June 2016 and September 2019.

The report highlights the historic failings in the council’s financial, governance and legal arrangements for the refurbishments.

The council has fully accepted the findings and apologised for the historic actions that led to the failings outlined in the report, and has confirmed that the Croydon Renewal Plan is already addressing many of the external auditor’s findings.

Conservative MP for Croydon South Chris Philip has expressed disdain, claiming that the borough has been ‘bankrupted’.

An action plan will be put in place to address the recommendations arising from this report.

The Extraordinary Council Meeting will take place on Thursday 3 February at 6.30pm, with a live public webcast.

It will consider the findings of the report and the council’s action plan to respond to the report’s recommendations. The papers have been published on the council’s website.

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