Fundraisers aiming for next landmark as Cancer Research in south west London raises £1.2million

Cancer Research fundraisers celebrated raising £1.2 million from Christmas Fairs in south west London since launching and have vowed to keep on going.

The annual Christmas fair for Cancer Research UK takes place on November 8 and 9 at the Bank of England Sports Club in Roehampton.

The fair has been a success in previous years and Cancer Research UK are hoping they can top the £45,000 fundraise from last year.

Laura Megalti, south west London local funding manager for Cancer Research UK, said: “The people involved are fantastic and I think the proof is in how much they have raised in the past.

“We just want to promote it and raise even more.”

With an expected 1,100 people expected to attend this year’s event 70 stalls have been hand selected to meet every Christmas list wish.

Each stall gives 12.5% of their profits to Cancer Research and tombola’s, raffles and sponsorships all help with the money raise.

The Fair will also have a £5 entry fee which will go towards the fundraiser and a glass of champagne will be provided on the first evening.

Following such success, Cancer Research is also planning to create a sponsored dog walk event in February or March.

They are looking for volunteers for the events which will be held in Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common.

Miss Megalti said: ‘We need three to five people for each event.

“People with a connection and passion to the cause”

It is a slightly different event that Miss Megalti hopes will attract some of the many dog owners in South West London for an extremely important cause.

Information on the two events can be seen below and we urge you to support both causes in the South West London area.

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