Lambeth Liberal Democrats celebrating the passing of the motion to end period poverty

Liberal Democrats pass trailblazing ‘period poverty’ motion

The Liberal Democrats has unanimously passed a motion to end period poverty in England.

The motion, which states the party believes period products are a human right and not a luxury, was tabled by Lambeth Liberal Democrats and the Young Liberals.

The party believe that period products are a necessity, not a luxury, as people of all ages should be able to participate fully in life with dignity.

Polling from Plan International reveals that 28% of women and girls aged 14-21 in the UK struggle to afford period products.

Three years ago, Scotland became the first country in the world to protect, in law, the right to access free period products.

The party say people must make agonising choices between basic health needs and other essentials.

Cllr Donna Harris, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition Group on Lambeth Council, said:  

“Our motion represents a crucial step towards a fairer, more equal society where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, can access the period products they need to manage their health with dignity. 

“Ending period poverty is not just a matter of compassion – it is a basic human right.

“At the heart of Liberal Democrat philosophy is the belief in social justice and equal opportunities for all.

“This groundbreaking motion is a testament that we are leading the way in championing these causes.” 

Janey Little, Chair of Liberal Democrat Young Liberals, said:

“Nobody should have to face the indignity and distress of period poverty.

“It is unacceptable that people are still forced to make agonising choices between basic health needs and other daily essentials.”

Rachel Grocott is the CEO of Bloody Good Period, the charity that estimated the average spend on sanitary products at £120 per year.

She said: “We’ve delivered more than 375,000 packs of menstrual products, yet we’re not able to meet at least 40% of the demand we’re currently experiencing.”

Princess 43, an asylum seeker, revealed that sanitary products are out of her reach due to only getting £9 per week from the Home Office.

She said: “We are all very grateful that the UK has given us refuge, but the period products we are given are of the lowest standard and cause great discomfort.

“No woman should be forced to use sanitary products that cause vaginal itching, rashes and discomfort.”

In May, Lambeth Liberal Democrats won their campaign to have free tampons and pads available in libraries, council offices, leisure centres, and community centres throughout the borough.

The party then announced at their Autumn Conference it is their policy to see this approach rolled out in GP surgeries, homeless shelters, women’s refuges, food banks, universities, and workplaces.

Image credit: The Liberal Democrats

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