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Deen City Farm appeals for donations to fund major work

A Merton farm needs financial help to fix electrical issues that are interfering with daily operations and visitor experiences.

Located on the same site for 30 years, 150 metres of old cable that supplies electricity to Deen City Farm needs to be replaced.

However, the complexity of the work means it is forecast to cost an estimated £50,000.

General manager, Emma King, 35, told SW Londoner: “Without an adequate power supply, we are unable to effectively remove waste water from the site.”

Around £28,000 has been raised so far from visitor donations and a JustGiving page but more is needed urgently.

The lack of power to pump waste water has resulted in normal daily activity being disrupted and temporary measures being brought in to combat the issue.

Not only does the power problem need fixing, but the entire site needs to be future-proofed to ensure the safety of the organisation in the years to come.

Established in 1978, the farm is one of London’s oldest city farms that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Visitors can meet various animals that are housed at the farm including donkeys, goats and ferrets, all within an urban environment, minutes from the hustle of the city.

King added: “We are a vital local resource and provide a patch of countryside for children, families, in fact anyone to enjoy, for free.”

The farm also offers a range of work experience and hosts school and holiday clubs, along with providing volunteering opportunities for both adults and young people, including a programme for volunteers who require support. 

King said: “We serve the whole of south west London and not only do we care for our beautiful animals, but we educate the local community about the rural environment, farming, food and animal husbandry.”

The upkeep of such a large organisation is costly and this is not the first time that Deen City Farm has appealed for help.

A campaign was set up in 2021 to save the farm from closure after the impact of Covid-19 on visitor numbers. 

Deen City Farm is still taking donations and the various ways to give are detailed on its website.

Featured image credit: Deen City Farm

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