Photo of Krisha Dhanasekaran sitting on a chair and smiling at the camera

National Skills for Life campaign spotlights North London case study

A north London teenage apprentice is featured as a champion of a freshly launched Department for Education campaign called ‘It all starts with skills’.

Krisha Dhanasekaran, 19, is a data analyst and degree apprentice at Accenture and appears as one of the examples in the government’s advert advocating for people to consider an alternative pathway.

The campaign is designed to inspire young people, adults and business to make the most of their potential by engaging in a range of technical qualifications, training and skills.

Dhanasekaran said: “The campaign is inspired by people like me, each individual on a personal journey to gaining new skills and building a career for the future by harnessing their potential.

“It really brings to light how skills can change your life and highlights that there is something for everyone, including qualifications and courses you might never have heard of.”

The teenager was first made aware of the apprenticeship route as a career possibility upon discovering the Skills for Life page and was drawn into the idea of being able to work and study together.

She said: “I hadn’t even considered an apprenticeship until I was in my final year at school.

“I knew I wanted to enter the working world straight away, so despite receiving an offer to study data science at a top London university, I decided to go down the apprenticeship route to get hands-on industry experience from day one.

“Now I can safely say that pursuing an apprenticeship with Accenture has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

To find out more about the latest campaign, or to explore your potential, search ‘Skills for Life’ or visit

Featured image credit: Sarah Ogilvie

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