Kate Moss’s brother serves up healthy food to Croydon youths

Kate Moss’s brother and Croydon Council are transforming the way college students think about food in order to cut the junk out of diets.

Croydon-born Nick Moss is now serving up healthy Vietnamese food twice a week outside Croydon College.

His new stall, which he operates with his partner Tracy Pooley, is part of an initiative from a collection of local businesses to increase healthy food options in the town.

The new pop-up food zone is set up in the square opposite Croydon College every Wednesday and Thursday between 11am and 3pm.

Nick and Tracy have been serving up delicious Banh Mi at Dulwich’s North Cross Market every Saturday for a few years now, but wanted to increase healthy food availability for Croydon youngsters.

Nick commented: “It’s about bringing healthy food options to the college. There’s advertising up for fast food everywhere but we’re all about intervening and promoting the healthy options.

“What the council is trying to do is change the whole thought process of the students when it comes to their food, cut out the junk, good tasting food doesn’t have to be unhealthy.”

The new pop-up food zone is the latest in a series of developments to modernise Croydon after Boxpark opened last year, and Nick believes the changes are all positive for his hometown.

He said: “I think its great for Croydon.

“The area is on an upward curve — it’s building slowly but surely.”

Vietvan is serving dishes inspired by South Asia, the menu containing Banh Mi, fresh salads, lemongrass tofu, spicy pulled pork and Kaffir chicken.

I decided to try out the spicy pulled pork Banh Mi which is definitely to be recommended.

Soft, fresh bread, a good chilli kick and with a twist of lime which really lifts the dish.


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