Hounslow family raises over £160,000 for father with stage 4 brain cancer

A Hounslow family is in disbelief after raising over £160k for the life-saving treatment of their family member with stage 4 brain cancer.

Aman Sumal, 36, is fighting for his life after his devastating Grade 4 Glioblastoma (terminal brain cancer) diagnosis.

He was diagnosed in August 2020. 

The £150,000 is for a private immunotherapy treatment and the development of a vaccine with CeGat in Germany, which is formulated specifically for mutations in Aman’s tumour. 

The oncologist believes the most recent chemotherapy drug is not working for Aman and has recommended a combination of two experimental drugs. 

These are not funded through the NHS and will need to be privately funded, costing anywhere up to £10,000 a month.

Aman and his son Rajan sitting in their garden
FATHER AND SON: Aman and his son Rajan. Credit: Aman’s family

His twin Anoop Sumal organized the fundraising.

Aman’s cousin, Tony Sumal, said: “It’s very tough, the boys (the twins) were a blessing when they arrived – they’re the youngest of our generation.

“We doted them so much when they were young.

“His brother Anoop, has been an absolute stalwart; if you speak to the guy he sounds like an oncologist himself.

“The level of breeding and understanding he has absorbed over the past year is incredible. He’s just been absolutely fantastic.” 

He continued: “Aman is a positive guy even with everything he’s going through.

“But I think a big part of that is his brother. He’s there every step of the way.

“It’s tragic but to see the love and the bond between those two brothers is just amazing.”

Treatment was due to start last week, but Aman Aman took a turn for the worse and has been hospitalised after a slight progression in his tumour.

Tony said: “The plan is to get it back under control by traditional chemotherapy, then once the tumors are back under control they’ll start the infusion treatment.”

“The biopsy material is sent abroad, and they will do the micro analysis in Germany. 

“Then they ship the medicines to the UK, then it is administered by a doctor/nurse. It all happens over a period of 5 days.’

The family were overwhelmed by the support they received, having raised over £160,000 in the past week.

Tony said: “You don’t realise how many people you help throughout your own life, and when you come calling people step up.” 

Anoop wrote: “Any donation, however big or small, that you are able to make will be greatly appreciated.

“Please share this on your social media platforms so we can raise the funds we need for Aman to keep making memories with his family.” 

Aman, who has stage 4 cancer, and family smiling for the camera
FAMILY: Aman’s family are overhwelmed by the money raised for him. Credit: Aman’s family

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