Croydon Council leader embraces plan to expand Gatwick Airport

The leader of Croydon Council has prompted outrage by embracing the idea of expanding Gatwick Airport.

Peter Underwood, of Croydon and Sutton Green Party, said council leader Tony Newman and Croydon South MP Chris Philp’s backing of the airport’s proposal displayed ‘an astounding level of stupidity’.

Councillor Newman said he thought the plan, to use the emergency runway for smaller aircrafts, was good news for Croydon as it promised a major boost for the regional economy and thousands of jobs for residents.

Mr Underwood said: “For elected politicians to welcome an increase in climate damaging pollution from airport expansion at Gatwick displays an astounding level of stupidity and ignorance.”

He added: “For all of our sakes we need to stop this disastrous and idiotic plan to expand Gatwick Airport.”

Extensive plans to expand the North Terminal were announced earlier this year, as part of a £1.11bn five-year investment plan.

“I will work with members of the Green Party, Friends of the Earth, and all other concerned residents who realise that increasing the profits of a few rich businesses is not a price worth paying for the damage to our health, environment, and future for our children,” said Mr Underwood.

Gatwick Airport is holding a public consultation event on the proposals in Croydon on 8 November at the Centrale shopping centre. For more information, visit here.

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