Petrol price drop causes mixed reaction


Debate was sparked yesterday following Asda’s 2p per litre reduction on unleaded petrol.


By Bex Gillam & Ed Greenland

Debate was sparked yesterday following Asda’s 2p per litre reduction on unleaded petrol.

The price slash will see motorists paying a maximum of 133.7p a litre across the 203 Asda Forecourts nationwide – considerably less than the UK average of 138.52p.

Gary Bone, 57, a Sutton taxi driver of 12 years, was unimpressed by the temporary incentive to shop at one particular place.

He urged the government to look for a longer term solution to the ever rising petrol prices.

He said: “I don’t know where garages get their prices from. The government should do something about it.

“If you’re driving around and you need fuel, you don’t have a choice. They’re charging what they want and it’s not on. They are stealing from us.”

However, others feel that the price drop will make a big difference.

Moiz Banani, 38, said the recent cuts will have a substantial affect on his life as petrol reductions can save a huge amount.

He said: “My car is an MPG 70 litre, so filling up a fall tank each time with two pence less per litre would really add up.

“I would swap petrol stations if I knew the cuts would stick.”

Asda retail prices are the first to reflect the recent reduction in wholesale costs.

Jeremy Walton, Asda’s Head of Petrol Trading, spoke about their competitive presence on the petrol market and the gimmick-free nature of the recent drop.

Family spending has risen and specifically petrol with prices rising by 2.8 pence per litre this September than on the previous year.

Asda’s tech fans can follow fuel prices through its first android petrol price checker app launched last month.

For more information visit Asda’s petrol price comparison site on: Or visit the independent price checker

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