Sales of camping gear soar with the temperature in Wimbledon

Wimbledon businesses have had a mixed bag of success coping with the week’s record temperatures.

Some have benefited from increased sales while others have suffered because of the stifling heat.

Alex Manzella, 29, who works in Caffe Nero on The Broadway, said the weather has negatively affected the business in recent weeks.

He said: ‘They don’t want coffees or hot chocolates.

“In hot weather, central London or London parks are more attractive than Wimbledon to visit.’

While the number of cold drinks the shop has sold has increased slightly, he said people wanted to ‘take advantage’ of the uncommonly hot weather and stay outside.

Other businesses like Mountain Warehouse on The Broadway have reaped the rewards of temperatures in the 30s.

Worker Paulina Zambrowicz, 28, said: “Camping gear and picnic blanket sales have increased with almost none left.”

She continued: “Outdoor retail companies such as Mountain Warehouse thrive off extreme weather because this is when different clothing and equipment is needed.”

The weather has also affected the wider Wimbledon area, which is bustling with many people choosing to sit outside to enjoy the glorious summer.

Events organiser has taken advantage of the feel-good feeling and is providing deck chairs and umbrellas for people to enjoy on The Piazza, two minutes from the station.

The ‘Summer sit-out’ has been brought back by popular demand after first appearing last summer, according to the organisation, and runs until August 3.

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