Two people standing to commemorate the first Loganair Shetland flight

Loganair revives Heathrow-Dundee link with Shetland service

Heathrow flights were connected to the Shetland Islands via Dundee earlier this month by the largest regional airline, Loganair.

The move, first announced in April, has restored an historic air link from Heathrow to Dundee last offered 40 years ago.

A special announcement welcomed passengers onboard the 9:45am flight to Shetland following a gate party at Terminal 2.

Loganair CEO, Jonathan Hinkles, said: “Maintaining and improving regional connectivity is one of the main levers of a powerful economy and with these new routes we’re offering business connections into the heart of London from some of the most remote communities in the UK.”

The airline will now serve five UK destinations from Heathrow, a 50% increase in domestic routes at the airport.

Loganair routes are supported by Heathrow’s domestic passenger discount, launched in 2017 to make it commercially viable for airlines to maintain successful domestic flights.

In April, domestic flight taxes were halved from £13 to £6.50, in an effort to incentivise airlines to run more regional routes.

During his 2021 Autumn Budget speech, then Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the change, maintaining: “Right now, people pay more for return flights within and between the four nations of the United Kingdom than they do when flying home from abroad.”

Meanwhile, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said on the Loganair routes: “New connections are vital to ensure all of Scotland can benefit from the over 200 global destinations that Heathrow has to offer. 

“We look forward to working with Loganair and Heathrow to help ensure the longevity of these routes and maximise the investment, trade and tourism opportunities that improved connectivity can bring.”

Featured Image Credit: Heathrow Airports Limited

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