London charity uses four wheels to drive home importance of recycling

The war against waste is being fought by a London charity with a travelling ‘Envirobus’ aimed at encouraging people to recycle.

The Vine Project, in partnership with Merton Council’s Mega Recycle scheme, has toured Sutton and Merton with their bus, greeting shoppers in Wimbledon on Saturday.

Merton residents currently only recycle 39% of their rubbish and this initiative aims to improve this figure by raising awareness of the global environmental risks of not doing so.

Business development director of The Vine Project, Joel O’Loughlin, 60, explained that every item for sale on the bus was donated instead of being thrown away.

“We are using up the planets resources at a rate of knots. We have become a throwaway society,” he said.

He added that our excessive purchase culture means that many items end up in landfill sites, damaging not only our wallets but also the environment.

Volunteer and artist, Rosa Nussbaum, 23, explained the importance of using sustainable items such as cloth rather than plastic bags.

“One of the most important things is to think sustainably, so to buy things that will last,” she said.


For more information visit or call 020 8685 6640.

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