Spreading hap-pea-ness: FoodCycle launch FoodCycle 50 challenge

FoodCycle, a charity who used surplus food for food parcels, are launching their first ever challenge event, FoodCycle 50 this April.

People are asked to get involved by pushing themselves to complete a physical challenge for 30 days whilst dressed as a fruit or vegetable.

Mary McGrath MBE, FoodCycle’s CEO, aims to bring the charity’s far-reaching network of volunteers, supports and partners together to get people off their sofas and get active.

She said: “We hope FoodCycle 50 not only raises vital funds to help us continue to tackle food poverty and loneliness in communities across the country but brings a little light-hearted relief and uplifting activity after a challenging year.”   

Squashing for gold! Credit – FoodCycle

The challenge will see participants set a 30-day fitness target around the number 50.

This could be anything from cycling 50 miles per week, to 50 star jumps in your living room, all whilst dressed as their favourite fruit or veg.

FoodCycle want to spread the hap-pea-ness this spring, whilst raising funds for the most vulnerable people across the country.

McGrath said that the charity is thrilled to be launching their first challenge, especially as lockdown restrictions are due to be relaxed over the next couple of weeks.

Before the pandemic begun in March last year, FoodCycle volunteers would take surplus food and turn it into meals that they would serve at their community kitchens all over the country.

FoodCycle’s aim was to reduce food waste, food poverty, as well as trying to tackle social isolation.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that FoodCycle’s community kitchens had to close, but their soon adapted, delivering food parcels, and setting up their Cook and Collect takeaway service.

The charity also launched the Check-in and Chat service, where volunteers could call guests for a chat, to help those who were dealing with social isolation.

Feeling fresh! Credit – FoodCycle

FoodCycle 50 aims to bring a month full of fun-filled, uplifting, zesty exercise, to help them continue to provide meals and a friendly chat to their guests in need, as well as helping them to expand their projects across the country.

Lucy Davis, who volunteered with FoodCycle’s Check-in and Chat service, along with her friend Molly, have pledged to run 50km around London dressed as a banana and a pineapple.

Lucy said: “I wanted to volunteer and give back to local communities, whilst staying safe from the global pandemic and it’s been perfect opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals across the UK.

“I have decided to take part in the FoodCycle 50 Challenge as it’ll be a great way to stay motivated to get out the house and exercise, whilst contributing to an important cause”

A spokesperson from FoodCycle said that they are very “grapeful” for all contributions they have received.

For more information about the FoodCycle 50 challenge, visit the website.

Featured image credit: FoodCycle

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