Fairy good spot: Brockwell Park welcomes fantastical new resident

If you go down to Brockwell Park today you’re sure for a small surprise.

The park has seen a new resident make its home in the hollow of a tree near the southern gardens entrance.

The inhabitant moved in around 10 days ago and local children have helped it settle in, adding a ‘Be Kind’ bracelet and freshly picked flowers to the decor.

The generous collection of acorns and peanuts suggest a bushy-tailed tenant, however, the reading materials hint a more literate imp may have moved in.

Rachel Mantell, Head of Organisational Effectiveness for a European payments company, believes the new inhabitant is a fairy.

She took her son Joseph, 7, on a ‘fairy hunt’ as part of their daily walk after getting a tip-off from a friend.

She said: “My son was so excited when he found it and asked me loads of questions about where the fairies came from and why they lived in the park. I gave him some fantastical answers, of course.

“He was really grumpy that day because he misses his friends and football and hates zoom-lessons, and it completely transformed his mood.”

A ROOM WITH A VIEW: Complete with a comfy-looking bed, a cupboard and a full-length mirror the property offers alfresco-comfort in the heart of Brockwell Park

The book on the bed contains photographs of roofs and seems to be a construction manual, suggesting the resident has grand designs for the future.

THE RIGHT MOVE?: A manual on roof construction shows the fairy may have lofty ambitions beyond its wooden walls

On top of their cupboard is a pot of greek style yoghurt, a panda and what can only be presumed is a fairy dust bottle.

No fairy expert was available for comment, however Mantell said: “It was lovely to find a bit of magic in the park.”

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