Teen who committed 33 burglaries in four-month South West London spree jailed for five years

A prolific burglar who committed more than 30 burglaries across south London and Surrey has been jailed for five years.

Rahiem Mico Ssekkono, 19, of Naseby Road, was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on Friday having previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary between June 6 and October 29.

Ssekkono was arrested by Merton Burglary Squad on October following a break-in during the early hours at a house in Willis Avenue, Sutton.

He was identified as a suspect, when he was almost apprehended by an officer near Worcester Park train station on 22 September 22.

The officer on patrol spotted a man acting suspiciously and, when he approached him, the man ran off and discarded a top which the officer recovered.

The same officer then saw a CCTV image of an unidentified person in relation to a burglary being investigated.

When DNA from the top was analysed, officers found it was Ssekkono’s.

Following his arrest, police searched Ssekkono’s home address, where they discovered several items stolen in burglaries, including smartphones, Kindle e-readers, stolen house keys, chequebooks and bank cards.

Officers also found various items of clothing, which matched the clothing worn by the suspect on various CCTV clips linked to some of the burglaries.

In total detectives identified 33 burglaries as part of the series, including burglaries in Merton, Croydon, Sutton, Bromley and Surrey.

Ssekkono was charged on 31 October, 2014 with conspiracy to commit burglary between 06 June and 29 October, 2014 and subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced as above.

Detective Constable Matthew Griffiths, from Merton CID, who investigated the case said:”An extremely prolific burglar has been jailed as a result of some fantastic work by uniform officers, detectives and forensics officers.

“The 33 burglaries we identified as part of this series were all very similar and because of the sheer weight of evidence put forward, Ssekkono was left with little option than to plead guilty to the charges.

“The evidence from the uniform officer who recovered Ssekkono’s top, through to the forensic and detective work, to place Ssekkono at several of the scenes through phone and CCTV analysis all added up to an extremely strong case against him.

“Burglary has such a devastating impact on the victims and the judge described his actions as ‘a violation of people’s homes’.

“It is good news that such a prolific burglar will now be behind bars for a considerable time and I hope that this result brings some closure for his victims.”

Breakdown of burglaries per borough/county:

Merton: 15

Croydon: Seven

Bromley: Three

Sutton: Three (including one attempted burglary)

Surrey: Five

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