Streatham Green in Lambeth is a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, say residents

Streatham Green has been identified as source of anti-social and disorderly behaviour, with many taking to social media to complain.

One Streatham resident, Tim Crowther, 39, posted a video on Twitter which shows people drinking and acting disorderly early in the evening.

Other Twitter users expressed concern at the state of the green which is near to a number of cafes and is also used as a walkthrough by many people.

Mr Crowther, who posted the video on Twitter, lives just minutes away from Streatham Green, and has complained of common disorderly behaviour including urinating, drunkenness, and what he believes are drug exchanges.

He said: “What we’ve got is open space for the people of Streatham to use that is populated by drunks, drug dealers, pigeons, bird poo.”

“It’s not been a secret, the green, and its deterioration, in terms of the people that are populating it,” he added.

He said the green is unsafe, and that bad behaviour gravitates towards the green, describing it as “horrifically dirty and messy and unsightly.”

Mr Crowther believes there is a culture of volunteers surrounding the upkeep of the green, but this is not enough and thinks there needs to be more involvement from the council and a greater police presence.

“There needs to be mutual consideration and mutual community values,” he said.

The Twitter page StreathamPeople also reported several occasions of smashed bottles in the green, saying that on one occasion they counted more than 30 discarded bottles and cans which had been there for over a week in September.

There is also a noticeable proportion of crime which occurs in Streatham Green and the surrounding residential roads.

In August 2018, there were 21 reports of anti-social behaviour on 10 of the surrounding roads in closest proximity to the green.

Newly-elected chair of the St Leonard’s ward Safer Neighbourhood Panel, Jeremy Clyne, said that the issue was discussed at great length at the ward Safer Neighbourhood Panel two weeks ago.

He said: “I’m currently awaiting the date for a ‘summit’ being called by ward councillors with the police and all stakeholders to deal with this long-standing problem.”

A Lambeth Council spokesman said: “Following concerns about Streatham Green highlighted by our residents, we will be working with our partners in Streatham Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and Safer Streets Team to challenge this type of behaviour.

“We ask that anyone who witnesses such behaviour, report it to us via our website.”

A number of Twitter users believe the council is not doing enough to combat this type of behaviour.

Mr Crowther said: “Lambeth council need to be on top of things, a lot more, a lot more.”

Anti-social behaviour should be reported here.

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