Basketball exhibition to delight hoops fans ahead of next NBA London clash

A unique sporting exhibition is coming to London next month as part of the countdown leading to the next NBA games.

This event will have basketball fans from all around London gathered in one place appreciating the sport along with its former and present players, who will also be attending.

There will be interactive exhibitions which will bring to life the music, fashion, art and entertainment  inspired by today’s games and the opportunity to engage with the aura surrounding the NBA’s through activities such as virtual reality experiences, art displays, and photos.

Fans will get a taste of the NBA ahead of the NBA London Game 2019 when the New York Knicks take on the Washington Wizards at The O2 Arena in January.

NBA Vice President, Vandana Balachander said: “NBA Crossover takes visitors on a journey exploring the strong connection the NBA has with popular culture through a number of thematics such as music, fashion and art.”

The NBA Crossover will feature a music area which will showcase the way in which basketball and the NBA have become associated with popular music and culture, influencing both players and musicians.

The fashion section of the exhibition will portray how NBA players set trends, attend fashion shows and regularly appear on magazine covers.

To widen the interest of the visitors, exhibits will showcase the game’s influence on film and celebrities, denoting how the NBA swiftly merges sports and entertainment.

What will potently be expected at this exhibition is further entertainment and joy amongst visiting NBA fans.

NBA Crossover at Westfield, Shepherds Bush, is open from 12-9pm on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11; and from 12-6pm on Sunday, August 12.  To register to attend the free event and receive key information, fans can visit NBA.com/CrossoverLondon.


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