'Peace for Palestine' cake by Mou Moo

‘Prizes for Peace’ Peckham auction and music night raises more than £6000 for Palestine

Prizes for Peace was founded by four friends following October 7th to raise money for those living through war, famine, disease, and lack of healthcare in Gaza.

Bianca, Suzie, Frederica, and Jessie combined their contacts lists to create an impressive auction haul and music line-up, and the proceeds of more than £6000 from last month’s event went to three charities: HEAL Palestine, PCRF and Mona Relief.

Among the artists performing were Girls Don’t Sync, an all-female DJ collective whose sold-out sets frequently take a political tone. 

GDS’ Gaia said: “Showing resistance and using our art form to comment on things that are happening in the world is really important to us. 

“We hope that we can create a catalyst effect of concern and action – we want to see people doing more.”

GAIA/G33 on the decks

Co-founder Suzie Bakos explained how the event was born of a double-booking: a friend’s birthday party and one of London’s Palestine marches.

Prizes for Peace, both in its first launch in November and its second in late March, successfully combines music and protest to create a lively, celebratory form of resistance.

Baghdad-born London-based DJ and producer Rami Ali also spun a set on the night. 

Ali said: “Music has historically been political. 

“I think the idea that it shouldn’t be political is very wrong. 

“You don’t have to speak someone’s language but you could go to a party or a rave and enjoy the same music.”

Rami Ali

Auction prizes included a year’s supply of Tiempo Tequila, a commissioned Times New Roadman art piece, a three-month Sage Flowers subscription, and up to 90 minutes of tattoo work by Marcus Hurts.

A successful evening on all fronts, Prizes for Peace brought young people together and offered them an expressive outlet through which to communicate their anger and unite in their frustration.

'Prizes for Peace' founders and hosts.  Top row from left to right: Frederica, Ayshe, Rami. Bottom row from left to right: Bianca, Jessie, Suzie, Emerald

All Image Credit: Stefan Hanegraaf

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