From Russia with love: Meet Fulham’s priciest pooch Snowy worth £4,500 for sale on Gumtree

Fulham designer dog Snowy is the most expensive dog in England listed on Gumtree priced at an eye-watering £4,500.

Out of 4334 dogs listed on the classified ads site the white Pomeranian is comfortably the most expensive.

Coming a distant second is a litter of Blue French Bulldogs in Heathrow who retail at £2700 per pup.

Owner Alena Mekrasova said: “She is unique and obviously the price follows that.”

Snowy was brought to Fulham by owner Alena from the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

Snowy pomeranian feat
ADORABLE: White pomeranian Snowy

Chelyabinsk gained global fame in 2013 when the largest recorded meteorite for more than a century blazed through its skies.

Equally as white but not so destructive, Snowy was born last month on March 15 into a small litter of two bitches.

Leaving her sister back in Russia Snowy, fully vaccinated and with doggy passport in paw, has already caused something of a stir on the designer doggy scene.

Other than melting every heart she meets Snowy is here to enrich the English Pomeranian bloodlines left weak by inbreeding.

Snowy pomeranian pic 3
PRICEY POOCH: Snowy is on sale on Gumtree for £4,500

The pom beauty is registered with the Silver and Gold Snow kennel club in Chelyabinsk where she was given her name.

Ginger pomeranians can fetch between £1500 and £5000 according to Miss Mekrasova with pedigree purity determining their figure.

That price might make normal dog owners roll over but Miss Mekrasova has already had many enquiries for Snowy.

But it’s not just a matter of cash Miss Mekrasova explained that she must be convinced her dogs will go to a good home.

She said: “In the last litter we had a couple of people come round.

SNOWY asleep
JUST CHILLIN’: Snowy relaxing on her bed

“They had the money but there was no way we were going to let the dogs go because we weren’t happy with them.”

Gumtree has been criticised by a number of animal rights organisations for a lack of regulation in its booming pet trade sector.

Miss Mekrasova was only required to present images of Snowy to confirm her as genuine with no further direct involvement from Gumtree taken.

Gumtree’s lack of regulation makes it easy pickings for dognappers and chancers to make a quick sale.

Dundee man, Sheedy Rashid was fined in February this year for re-listing a dangerous designer shar pei dog only hours after buying it from Gumtree.

PINT-SIZED POOCH: Snowy as a tiny pup

Mr Rashid failed to warn new buyer Louise Aiton who suffered a savage biting attack when she approached the dog.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has increasingly seen pet owners turn to them when an animal bought online turns out to have behavioural or medical problems.

A spokesperson said: “What’s really shocking is to see the way in which puppies, kittens, dogs and cats are changing hands, swapped for a mobile phone or the latest PlayStation computer game.

“We are also providing advice to the most popular websites on why some dogs should not be sold, and working with them to improve the quality of their online advertising.”

Miss Mekrasova explained that the majority of breeders using Gumtree to sell dogs are genuine.

She said: “There are a lot of breeders who don’t take care of the dogs and obviously that has to be stamped out.

“You only need a few instances where it gives everybody a bad press.”

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