Fleur Anderson hails Sadiq Khan’s free school meals programme

Fleur Anderson has welcomed London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s plans to introduce free school meals for primary school children.

Khan’s 2023/24 budget, which included funding for meals and a near 10% rise in council tax, was approved by the London Assembly on Thursday.

The MP of Southfields, Putney and Roehampton believes the measures will help families across the capital who are struggling amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

She said: “On behalf of all the struggling families in my constituency, I would like to thank Sadiq Khan for stepping in to ensure all children receive at least one hot meal per day.

“The Conservative Cost of Living Crisis has hit even usually well-off families incredibly hard – everyone is feeling the pinch, and the most vulnerable are facing an extremely difficult year.  

“All children have the right to be properly. I am regularly in Putney, Roehampton and Southfields schools and the story is so often the same. Hungry children are struggling to concentrate and learn, and families are choosing between heating and eating.

“It is a disgrace, and I am extremely pleased the Mayor of London is acting to support all primary school aged children across our capital.”

Khan had earlier this week announced a £130m funding plan to provide all primary school children with free school meals for one year, beginning in September 2023.

The Mayor of London said: “The Cost of Living Crisis means families and children across our city are in desperate need of additional support. I have repeatedly urged the government to provide free school meals to help already stretched families, but they have simply failed to act.

He continued: “The difference they can make to children who are at risk of going hungry – and to families who are struggling to make ends meet – is truly game-changing.”

Featured image credit: Mercy Haggerty

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