Community groups in Kingston, Merton, Croydon and Sutton offered helping hand

Community groups in south London can apply for funding from a total pot of £1 million, and provider Viridor has already provided projects with around £65,000 through the Beddington Community Fund.

The Fund was launched in late 2016 to help support community projects within the London Boroughs of Kingston, Merton, Croydon and Sutton.

The initiative allows projects within a 2km radius of the Beddington ERF to apply for up to £30,000, and projects situated within the four London Boroughs are eligible for up to £5,000. In total, the fund will see around £1 million being made available to community groups in the area over the next 25 years.

Viridor is committed to supporting environmental projects in the area and since its launch, successful projects have ranged from the improvement of sports facilities to new pathways at a Sutton nature reserve, and even a new fridge.

Mike Stafford, Head of Contracts for Viridor and a member of the Community Benefit Funding panel said: “As part of Viridor’s commitment to develop lasting relationships within south London and be a responsible neighbour, I am delighted that the fund has contributed nearly £65,000 in the last year to six worthwhile projects. It is clear that the projects we have funded contribute significantly to their local areas and we are pleased to help them continue to serve their communities.”

Alice Brown from the Sutton Community Farm said: “Thanks so much! The fund provided us with a grant of £5,000. This has allowed us to purchase a brand new commercial fridge, helping to grow our project to reduce food waste and promote fresh, healthy, sustainable food. We now just need to focus on growing the produce to fill it next summer!”

Derek Coleman on behalf of the Wilderness Island Nature Reserve (pictured above) described what the application meant for the nature reserve: “The community benefit fund contributed around £5,000. This has given us the opportunity to upgrade the pathways and boardwalks around the Wilderness Island nature reserve to help those with prams and more limited mobility be able to continue enjoying the nature walks.”

Andrew Tibble, chairman of the Beddington Cricket Club, said: “Thanks to the funds provided by the Beddington Community Benefit Fund we have been able to upgrade the facilities at Beddington Cricket Club and Carshalton Football Club.

“Viridor were able to provide simple advice on how to apply and recognised the importance the sports club had on the local community.”

All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by a dedicated funding panel of representatives from the local community, London Borough of Sutton and Viridor.

For more information about the funding criteria and how to submit an application form please visit the Viridor website.

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