Recycling campaign aims to get Londoners creative with their rubbish

Residents in South West London are being urged to get creative in the kitchen when it comes to rubbish recycling.

The ‘one bin is rubbish’ campaign was launched this month by Recycle for London to tackle the lack of bins at home for separate recycling.

Backed by a survey of 2,000 London residents, the campaign highlighted that despite good intentions up to 48% of people in some boroughs ended up putting recycling in with their regular rubbish.

Campaign manager Ali Moore said: “The survey showed us that around 50% of people experience what we call bin-digestion every week, so basically piling up of rubbish around your bin because you haven’t got enough space to store it.”

She continued: “Also loads of people told us that they had real bin shame about their bin area, and that it was their least favourite part of the house and that it was all a bit embarrassing.”

Currently Londoners recycle 32% of their rubbish but Recycle for London are aiming to increase that to 65% by 2030.

One way in which they are trying to raise the figure is by collaborating with Buzzfeed to produce some top bin-hacks.

These include  re-using cardboard wine carriers to store glass bottles and hanging ‘bags for life’ on the inside of your cupboards.

The campaign will run until mid-March 2018.

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