On The Pulse: X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?


The annual Saturday night battle for viewers between ITV’s The X Factor and BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing is once again in full swing.


By Elise Chamberlain

The annual Saturday night battle for viewers between ITV’s The X Factor and BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing is once again in full swing.

However there is one big difference this year: the new X Factor panel. Having been beaten into second place in the viewing figures race in recent weeks are new judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland failing to live up to the high standards set in previous years?

SW Londoner took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out which series the people are watching and whether they think the new panel of Britain’s biggest TV talent show has got the X Factor.



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Antonia, 41

“I prefer the X Factor. I think Strictly, for my taste, is a bit staged and I prefer the drama of X Factor. The new panel are doing quite a good job. I think Simon Cowell, he might have been the founder, but I didn’t always agree with his views. Gary Barlow has been there, he’s lived it, so I think he has more right to say what he says.”


Bailey, 27

“I watch the X Factor but I don’t really like the new panel, last year the judges were better and even better the year before. I think it’s losing some of its quality.”


Louise, 22

“I still prefer the X Factor but it’s become so obvious that it’s fixed.  I like the new panel. I don’t think the show has suffered for having them on it but overall I’m disappointed with the series. This year’s contestants aren’t as talented.”


Emma, 32

“I feel like I should say Strictly but for me it’s still X Factor.”


Andy, 27

“I prefer Strictly, I think there’s generally more talent on it.”


Claire, 28

“I like a bit of both but I kind of prefer Strictly at times because I like watching the dancing. I think X Factor is a bit more contrived, you’re expecting certain people to say exactly what they say. It’s not as natural.”


Melanie, 26

“This year, Strictly. I used to be an X Factor fan but this year I just find it a bit boring. The contestants and judges aren’t as good. I also think a lot of the arguments are a bit fake.”


Will, 21

“I love the X Factor, it’s so entertaining. Me and my flatmates all get together and watch it on a Saturday night. It’s actually become part of the social aspect of our flat.”


Elaine, 52

“I love everything about Strictly. It’s so much more entertaining than the X Factor.”


Karen, 50

 “My daughter’s like the X Factor but it has changed since Simon left. There’s no atmosphere. I think it seems a bit dull. There’s no buzz about it. We watch the American X Factor and the contrast between that and the British version is incredible. In America, for some reason, more really good singers seem to have applied. There’s not much talent on the British X Factor at all. I watched Strictly for the first time last night and I really enjoyed it.”


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