Owner offers £200 reward for missing poodle in Twickenham

The family of a missing dog promises to give £200 to anyone who can bring him home.

The family poodle, Barnabus, has been missing since 22 September in Twickenham.

The owner, Tracy Mohally, 48 said: “We are so devastated. I cannot tell you how much we miss him.”

Barnabus, who is chipped and has a collar on his neck, was last seen on Trust Ground, St Margaret at 10pm after the family visited a friend’s house.

The family reported that the dog usually goes for a walk around the area and has always returned.

Mohally explained: “He does know his way around. 

“He is very little but he has always managed to return.”

CALL FOR HELP: @certisneaks Instagram story post

Barnabus has been a part of Mohally’s family for over 10 years and this behaviour is thought to be out of character.

It is unsure whether the disappearance of Barnabus is due to theft, road accident or whether he has lost his way.

“There are so many possibilities,” said Mohally.

The family has taken to social media urging any member of the public to reach out with any information.

A  SWL report found that dog thefts have doubled in south west London since 2016.

According to the Metropolitan Police’s stolen animals dashboard, SWL estimated that animal thefts have increased by 97% since June 2016-17, compared with June 2020-21.

ESCALATING: Barnabus has been missing for two days

Animal Rescue Care trustee Karen Hide said that the rising figures are alarming.

She said: “The figures are absolutely shocking, especially as behind each figure there is a frightened dog whose world has been turned upside down and devastated owners.”

Barnabus owners say they are not losing hope and are pleading with the public to contact their number with any information at 07702549942.

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