Fulham FC improve Craven Cottage security


The club are now using a virtual crowd sourcing system allowing staff to view security footage on iPads.


By Marc Sobbohi

Fulham football club have improved security at Craven Cottage using a virtual crowd sourcing system that allows staff to view security footage on their iPads.

The smart security system comprises of 63 high-definition cameras at both Craven Cottage and the Motspur Park training ground which operate over a wi-fi system saving space and money.

Better resolution and an alert system allows staff to quickly source any troublemakers rather than having to survey the 63 cameras all at once.

Nicolas Pendlebury, Head of IT Projects at Fulham FC, said: “The cloud environment is key to the success of the new system, which we estimate will pay for itself in two years.

“It has enabled us to increase the agility, speed and functionality with which the security team can monitor our sites remotely and safely, and new cameras can be connected to the network at any time.”

Previously Fulham used a system of six VHS recorders and 27 security cameras which made maintaining the system difficult for security staff at the family friendly club.

As an added benefit the Metropolitan Police can access the system on a 24/7 basis allowing them to react quickly and efficiently to any trouble at the grounds.

Technology company EMC proposed the system to Fulham FC and believe the project is a great example of football clubs using innovative technology.

EMC spokesman, Trevor Adams, said: “This project is a great example of how cutting-edge technologies, like smart devices and cloud computing, can be used to revolutionise a way of working.

“Our implementation had the two-fold benefit of improving safety and security at Fulham F.C., while at the same time allowing the IT team to save money and space and dramatically increase both performance and agility.”

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